Wireless data modem VHF 150 - 170Mhz
DSP based Radio Receiver only Modem

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AW100Rx: VHF 150 – 170 MHz
DSP based Radio Modem for "receive only" with
Built-in wireless link Monitoring and Management Tools:
see the IGM-AW100 for the Transmitter

• 50 miles Maximum Distance Range
• Data Speed over the air 38400 bps at 25 kHz and 19200 bps at 12.5 kHz
• Advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC)
• TTL compatible serial interfaces with RTS/CTS flow control support
• Data Speed over the serial ports 300 to 115200 bps
• Control of the unit over the air
• AlphaWave SuperScan® - automatic search for transmitter and “plug-and-play” installation

ArWest Communications Corp. exceeds established standards within the SCADA and outdoor telemetry
markets with the release of AlphaWave100Rx (AW100Rx) series DSP based integrated wireless modem,
the first in a series of next generation Narrow-Band products. The AW100Rx radio modem provides a
high-speed Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint wireless data transfer at up to 38.4 kbps.
AW software supports user selectable modulation techniques (BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, or 16QAM), which
allows the user to achieve the highest data speed for a given range (up to 50 miles). It also includes a
selectable error correction, which improves the functioning of the radio modem under interference.
The unmatched features of AW100Rx include data scrambling, frequency hopping, user selectable low
power consumption sleep modes, and plug-and-play installation.

The built-in software tools provide wireless link testing, unit’s status and error statistics monitoring—as
well as unit’s settings change over the air. The software of the AW radio modem resides in a flash
memory. The updating of the radio modem programs is entirely software-based. The flash memory is reprogrammable through an serial interface.


General Radio Specifications

Parameter Specification
Operating Frequency Range 150 - 170 MHz
Modulation Technique DBPSK, DQPSK, D8PSK and D16QAM
Radio Protocol Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Time Division Multiplex Access (TDMA)
Maximum Distance Range 50 miles / 80 km
Occupied Bandwidth 6.25 kHz, 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz
Data Rate   25 kHz CS 12.5 kHz CS 6.25 kHz CS
DBPSK 9600 4800 2400
DQPSK 19200 9600 4800
D8PSK 28800 19200 7200
D16QAM 38400 28800 9600
End to End delay   60 ms    

Standard External Connector’s Pin Layout

Pin# Signal Signal Type Signal Description
1 GND GND Signal and Chassis Ground
2 TXD TTL Input Transmit Data
3 RXD TTL Output Receive Data
4 DP/MP TTL Input Data/Maintenance Port selector
5 RTS TTL Input Request to Send
6 SLEEP TTL Input Sleeps/Wakes radio receive only
7 DCD TTL Output Data Carrie Detect
8 CTS TTL Output Clear to Send
9 DSR TTL Output Data Set Ready
10 RESET TTL Input Resets the Radio
11 TTLOUT1 TTL Output TTL Output Line 1
12 TTLOUT2 TTL Output TTL Output Line 2
13-15 Reserved N/C Not connected, reserved for future use
16 PWR Power Regulated positive 3.3 VDC from external
    power supply


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